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We help
people solve problems.

Its not only about having the right answers, but equally about knowing how to ask the right questions, and at the right time.

About Us
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Know where we come from to know where we can take you.

Insurgency, as the name suggests, is a small, agile group made up of experienced and dedicated professionals who work to solve a wide variety of business problems in an assortment of categories. The ability to quickly solve gnarly business problems and help our clients achieve their missions is what brought us together and it's what keeps us focused each and every day.

Our philosophy is rooted in a simple truth which we’ve encountered time and again throughout our careers: No one, not even the world’s largest organizations, has unlimited resources. So, if the resources were our own, how would we use them to get the best possible impact for the business? What sort of strategy would we use? What creative would we look for? What
experiences would we craft? How would
we measure success?

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Our promise

It's Pretty Simple to Us

Our simple promise: treat your business as if it’s our own. To do that we believe in having the right talent at the right time and the agility to adapt to create real impact for your business.



We bring top notch, highly experienced talent to bear on your business drawn from the right disciplines and at the right stage in the process.



We are a tight-knit team which can roll with the punches and pivot on the fly when projects take the entirely predictable unexpected turns..



With the experience that we bring to the table, we’re able to make an immediate difference to your marketing and communications through small, easy to implement tactics which build over time, making a big difference to your brand and business.

How we do it
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A Process Can be a Beautiful thing

In a lot of ways, a business problem is similar to a sandwich. A sandwich can have a lot of ingredients that go into it to create a flavorful experience for the diner. In the same way, a business problem tends to have a lot of layers to the required solve. And like the sandwich, each ingredient has its own unique flavor and the micro business solutions all contribute to the improved business meal for your end consumer.

Insurgency divides its process into five ingredients:

Strategy (Bread) – sit with the client and have a conversation to learn the business, so we can wrap our hands around the business needs. Media is also part of the conversation to help with there search to support and ultimately help develop the channel plan.

Data (the spreads) – typically working with strategy at the beginning to help benchmark the goals of the business and set the requirements of what the solution results should look like.

Creative Ideation (vegetables) - based on the briefs from strategy and whatever creative rules our team has to follow ideas are generated to help point the client in a direction of ways to solve the business challenge.

Creative Development (our protein) – Art direction, copy writing, technology development and implementation, digital video content development, SEO, SEM are all in play here as our specialists come into craft.

Execution (plating) – once everything is developed, we put whatever we have
created into market.

Our Team/Who we are

Teamwork makes

the dream work

Insurgency is a collective of experienced marketing and technology professionals, brought together under a non-traditional agency model. Un-encumbered by traditional agency structure and thinking, we use a “Core Plus More” approach that draws on a reservoir of diverse marketing specialists to provide the services you need, when you need them.

From global brands to hyper local, we have collectively seen it all. We bring together expertise in diverse marketing specialties – from strategy to creative development - working across different industries including:

Not for Profit
Oil & Gas
Professional Corporations
Reuben Segelbaum

Reuben is a passionate senior marketing executive with experience in all facets of brand and customer equity development, culminating in data-driven, cross channel connections strategies. He has an extensive background in digital strategy, customer experience, marketing integration, and data management.

Reuben Segelbaum

Partner, President
Steven Savicky

With global experience as a Creative Director and Designer, Steven’s unique background in marketing, design and product development allows him to provide clients with a balance of broad based, high level strategic creative vision and day to day tactical know how. He has provided strategic leadership and creative vision for a wide range of brands and business verticals and has strived to create compelling experiences and products that drive business growth.

Steven Savicky

Partner, Creative Director

Monica Böttger


Leon Hunt


Leo Knight

Our values

Our values are divided
into the four areas



Each team member has a minimum of ten years’ experience working with clients across various categories.



We treat your resources as if they are our own and focus on where we can achieve the greatest return for your budget.



We question everything. We seek to understand, and constantly improve methods through analysis, testing and refinement.



We love what we do and have fun doing it. We’re passionate about generating new ideas that can help you build your business.


Since Insurgency was created in 2020, we have been fortunate that our clients have trusted our team(s) to solve some gnarly business problems. Below are some of the brands we have worked with since our inception.

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Contact us

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If you prefer to kick it old school give us a call at (416) 602-2095.

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