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We’re not an agency. We’re an insurgency.

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We help your business adapt and grow

Insurgency provides holistic marketing consulting and advertising solutions that help businesses evolve, adapt and grow in an evolving digital and connected marketplace. Based in Toronto, but operating virtually, we serve small and medium sized enterprises around the world. Unencumbered by the traditional agency structure, we move fast and adopt critical thinking to analyze your business needs and develop innovative strategies to help you succeed. We’re not an agency, we’re Insurgency.

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How we do it
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It's All About Balance

There are a lot of metaphors attached to an organization. but we try to keep it simple in the analogy approach, so we are picking a sandwich to cover off our process and our people.

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Our Services
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More than advertising

As the saying goes, “if you only have a hammer, then you’ll view every problem as a nail.” Insurgency prides itself on the ability to provide holistic marketing consulting and implementation services that extend beyond the traditional advertising agency model, to help you transform your business for the digital age. Our solutions may impact your web presence, sales model, affinity programs, e-commerce platforms and of course, advertising and content management plans.  

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Since Insurgency was created in 2020, we have been fortunate that our clients have trusted our team(s) to solve some gnarly business problems. Below are some of the brands we have worked with since our inception.

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Our thoughts
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We help people

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